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Can your business handle more leads? You’ve absolutely come to the right place! We work hard to help you catch the attention of your audience and get more conversions. Our full service marketing agency offers a complete line of lead generation services to help you acquire more leads which ultimately turn into clients for your fitness studio. 

The key to lead generation is making sure you are attracting qualifying leads and nurturing those from a potential client into a paying client. 

paying to get leads from yelp or angies list?

STOP! How many of these leads have you received from either of those listings were QUALITY? And we mean your ideal DREAM client. We are willing to guess 0. In reality these listing sites claim you are getting “exclusive” leads which is not true. RGDA only works with one client in a niche and promises truly exclusive leads. When we say lead generation we mean we deliver QUALITY, dream clients to your front door, begging for your product. And the best part is, numbers don’t lie and we aren’t afraid to print daily/weekly or monthly stat sheets out for ya!


The systems we use allows your business to acquire new clients while allowing you to focus more on other aspects of your company. 

Lead generation is not a new way of expanding business however with the internets progression and ever changing algorithms , trends have just found a better way to land leads. 

Did you know 85% of expert marketers say that lead generation marketing is actually the most important element in a businesses marketing campaign? Yet only 42% of business owners have an active campaign in place. WHAT?! Let’s get you on the right side of marketing. 


Let us be your quality lead generator

The Process

#1. Studio assesment

We take our time to learn the needs and current frustrations of your gym. A customized solution is then crafted and applied.

#2. Content creation

Our specialists work hard to create content that both captivates your ideal client and encourages them further down the customized funnel. Based on your target market, specific platforms and content will be customized into your campaign. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to identify which channels and platforms will work best for your studio .

#3. platform execution

Once content has been created the appropriate channels and platforms will be identified. Each channel and platform requires different content and execution.

#4. Monitor performance levels

Performance levels will be monitored and tracked. In addition your campaigns will be adjusted based off areas that have been identified as low performing. These low performance areas will be detected immediately, monitored and re-crafted to produce positive results.

#5. Transparent metrics

Real time reporting will be available to you so you can stay up to date on how well your campaign is preforming. Conversion tracking and analytics will be implemented on all campaigns to provide an accurate report for all clients generated.

Let Us Show You How To Get More Clients Now!

The path to getting new members is only click away. Let us show you exactly how to help you grow your fitness studio by setting up a free strategy assessment today.  


Are you ready to make a bigger impact with your fitness business? Ready to make your business work for you and start each month with money in the bank? Choose us to help get your digital gains and grow your platform.

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